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Apr 22, 2024

Greg Faulkner returns to the podcast to discuss the residential design process, adjusting to different scales, and how his San Francisco–based firm puts sustainability at the forefront of its practice.

Apr 15, 2024

DESIGN:ED Host Aaron Prinz and Producer Raymond Castro sit down to discuss the recent podcast with Alan Maskin and Blair Payson of Olson Kundig to reflect on the conversation, how it influences their design process, and how it changed their view on the profession

Apr 1, 2024

Alan Maskin and Blair Payson, Owner and Project Architect at Olson Kundig, join the podcast to discuss the renovation of the Space Needle, the complications of building a structure 500 feet off the ground, and the pressure that comes with renovating one of Seattle's most cherished landmarks


Mar 18, 2024

Arlene Ellwood of Austin-based nonprofit Mobile Loaves & Fishes and architect Todd Ferry of Portland State University join the podcast to discuss the measurable impact tiny house villages have had on people experiencing homelessness, how architects can engage the community to help offer solutions, and how this model can...

Mar 4, 2024

SHoP founding principal Gregg Pasquarelli joins the podcast to discuss the importance of architect-client relationships, the development of The Brooklyn Tower, and how the firm tried to capture the essence of New York with its supertall residential skyscraper at 111 W 57th Street.