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Apr 16, 2020

Thom Mayne, Founder of Morphosis & Co-Founder of SCI-Arc, joins the podcast to discuss his attraction to being an outsider, the use of technology within architecture, and how he founded the world-renowned architecture firm Morphosis

Apr 10, 2020

SHoP Associate Principal, Angelica Baccon, joins the podcast to discuss how her and her team create meaningful workplace design, the development of the Uber HQ office in San Francisco, technology in design, and how SHoP is advancing the field of architecture.


This episode was recorded in December 2019

Apr 3, 2020

Michael Rotondi, Founder of RoTo Architects & SCI-Arc Co-Founder, joins the podcast to discuss founding his firm RoTo Architects, the early days of Morphosis, and how he and a group of his colleagues started one of the leading architecture schools in the country SCI-Arc