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Dec 26, 2018

Dr. Gary Prinz of the University of Arkansas College of Engineering sits down to discuss 3D printed steel, being awarded a Nation Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development award, as well as, the 2018 AISC Milek Fellowship, and how he began his career as a professor at the University of Arkansas

Dec 19, 2018

Charles di Piazza sits down to discuss working for Norman Foster as well as David Chipperfield, starting his own practice, and the benefits of having a diverse upbringing

Dec 14, 2018

Sherri Privitera of Populous Architecture sits down to discuss the process of stadium design, building relationships with clients, and becoming a Senior Principal at the World's leading firm for stadium design

Dec 6, 2018

Juan Miro or Miro Rivera Architects sits down to discuss being named one the the world's top architecture firms by ArchDaily, choosing a business partner, and his mentorship by Charles Gwathmey